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And in Swaziland today: Man wants his underwear back

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Mbongiseni Gwebu who wants his underwear back.

3hr meet over stolen underwear.

HLUTSE – The Inner Council of Hlutse Royal Kraal, near Phonjwane brought together two families in a three-hour long meeting where the agenda was a stolen underwear.

The underwear belonging to Mbongiseni Gwebu (32) is still missing, as he insists that it was part of three pieces of underwear that were taken by his estranged wife, whose name may not be published for now.

The missing underwear has been a subject of discussion in three police stations where efforts were made to resolve the matter.

The two families – Gwebu and Mkhabela – deliberated at length the factors around the theft of the underwear and the possibility of its return to its rightful owner.

Both Gwebu and his estranged wife whom he married by Swazi Law and Custom were in attendance.

Their marriage ended after a history of bedroom wars in 2009, having lived together since 2007.

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