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The GOP and Deficit Spending- The Washington Post

In Economy, News on February 26, 2012 at 23:36

How the GOP would expand the deficit

Just what the world needs, the United States with an even higher deficit. 

Many of the the current Republicans’ small-minded policies will only affect the United States domestically, but  we should not forget that there are tremendous international consequences too.

“Mr. Santorum would flatten the tax code, collapsing today’s six brackets into two: 10 percent and 28 percent. Those in the 10 percent bracket would pay no taxes on capital gains and dividends; those in the 28 percent bracket would pay a 12 percent rate. He would triple the exemption for dependent children and cut the corporate tax rate in half — except for manufacturers, who would pay nothing.”  – The Washington Post


  1. Santorum is another idiot that thinks he understands economics.

    The tax code needs changing, but Santorum is clueless.

    No more need be written.

    Censorship is evil.

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