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Under age models risk creating ‘hyper-sexualised French lolitas’ – Telegraph

In Nonsense on March 17, 2012 at 09:10

Under age models risk creating 'hyper-sexualised French lolitas'

Why on earth do we need children to model?.

The French parliamentary report seeks to explain why a growing number of schoolgirls as young as eight wear padded bras, high heels or make up and strike suggestive poses and expressions that do not match their age.It accuses the media and the fashion industry of trivialising violence and pornography and the toy industry and reality TV of promoting stereotypes that transform young girls into “sexual morsels”.

The report by Senator Chantal Jouanno from President Nicolas Sarkozy’s UMP party calls for a ban on “Mini-Miss” beauty pageants, children’s lingerie and child-sized adult clothing.

  1. Good for Senator Jouanno. Child models are completely unnecessary. Not only does it start forcing people to look at children in an unhealthy way (and promote child pornography, as you mentioned), but the child models themselves are doomed for a rough life of body image problems, eating disorders, and all sorts of abuses that exist in the modeling industry before they’re old enough to make the career decision for themselves. But I suppose it opens up a whole new market for the fashion industry, which has already saturated the adult world and wants to find a new, even younger clientele. Anything to make a buck, eh?

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