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Jailed for life without Parole at age 14- guardian.co.uk

In News on March 19, 2012 at 12:01

How can this be right?

Teen Quantel Lotts

US supreme court to consider juvenile sentences

“When Quantel Lotts was 17 he put together a makeshift tattoo gun using the motor of an old Walkman casette player and a stylus fashioned from a sharpened staple. Then he asked a fellow inmate to etch two words in Gothic script down each of his outer forearms.

On his right arm he wrote DEAD. On his left arm he wrote MAN.

“That’s how I felt at the time, like I was already dead,” he says.

He had just been handed down the most severe punishment – short of execution – possible in America. He was tried as an adult for a homicide he committed when he was 14 years and 21 days old, and sentenced to life without parole. He will remain in jail until he dies.”

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