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Fabrications about firm’s Chinese factories exposed -The Periscope Post

In News on March 20, 2012 at 09:34

iPhone 4s. Photo credit: Brett Jordan http://flic.kr/p/awByzb

Apple critic Mike Daisey’s ‘fabrications’ about firm’s Chinese iPad, iPhone factories exposed 

“Influential US radio show This American Life has retracted a programme critical of working conditions in a Chinese factory making Apple devices. The original show – Mr Daisey and the Apple Factory – broadcast hard-hitting extracts of performer and prominent Apple critic Mike Daisey’s account of a visit to the plant, run by Foxconn. It turned heads because it painted a very grim picture of Apple’s working practices and production methods. But the show’s Chicago-based producers now say they have learned that Daisey’s monologue “contained numerous fabrications.”

According to the red-faced This American Life producers, who, to their credit, have fessed up to the inaccuracies, Daisey misled the programme’s editors and fact-checkers about the nature of his visit to China and what he had seen with his own eyes. Crucially, he’d made it impossible for them to contact the interpreter he’d taken with him on trips to the factories, claiming he had no way to reach her,reported the BBC.”

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