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Rick Santorum’s Beliefs – Telegraph

In Really?!? on March 20, 2012 at 08:30

How can this Nitwit attract any votes at all?  

Rick Santorum under fire over ranting rightwing pastor 

“In the footage, filmed at the Greenwell Springs Baptist Church in Louisiana yesterday, Pastor Dennis Terry told a crowd that anyone who doesn’t worship God should leave the country, before calling on people to “stand up” against” gay people, liberals and women who have abortions.

“Listen to me. If you don’t love America, and you don’t like the way we do things, I’ve got one thing to say, get out!,” he said. “We don’t worship Buddha, we don’t worship Mohammed, we don’t worship Allah. We worship God. We worship God’s son Jesus Christ.”

Republican contender Mr Santorum was shown clapping approvingly in the background as the rightwing pastor delivered the ranting fire and brimstone address. He later received a personal blessing from the preacher who called on God’s will to be done in the upcoming election”

  1. It’s so ironic when ignorant people try to hate on Islam. It just proves how ignorant they really are: “Allah” is, in fact, “God” in Arabic. Islam branched out of Christianity (and Judaism ) meaning that they are the same God of the monotheistic tradition. So, when this pastor says that he doesn’t believe in “Allah,” he’s really unwittingly (but I think insightfully) saying that he doesn’t believe in God. Which makes sense because the true God/or Allah would not want his believers to hate in his name.

    P.S. Great blog Jasper and Marina!

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