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Iran is just the new Israel – Al Jazeera

In News, Politics on March 21, 2012 at 11:54

A willing outcast, with few longstanding and stable friends and a number of formidable enemies.

How do you survive? By trying to convert your enemies to friends, or by instilling fear in your many enemies?

To the extent to which states may choose how they are perceived by others through their strategic posture and actions, when it comes to the matter of nuclear deterrence, critics of Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons ambitions (note that I quite deliberately said “alleged”) might best calibrate their position in view of Israel’s own longstanding nuclear capability (note the acknowledgement of an existing “capability”).

Isn’t this just a string of obvious points? Maybe.

But if the criticism of the “bomb Iran” rhetoric is to have any traction, it must be taken further still: as I see it, Iran is just the new Israel.


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