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Judge rejects argument that bricks and mortar are ‘death sentence’ for Irish Traveller- Telegraph

In Nonsense on March 21, 2012 at 14:30

Judge rules bricks and mortar not 'death sentence' for traveller

Judge rules bricks and mortar not ‘death sentence’ for traveller .

John Sheridan, 34, said he had an ”aversion to bricks and mortar accommodation” and a psychiatrist concluded that forcing him to live in a one-bedroom flat in Basildon, Essex, ”could amount to a death sentence”.

But the Court of Appeal dismissed Mr Sheridan’s challenge and said Basildon Borough Council had not acted unreasonably or unlawfully in offering the flat.

A council review panel and a county court judge had earlier also ruled against Mr Sheridan, who was living on an unauthorised traveller site at Dale Farm, near Basildon.

Appeal judges heard that Mr Sheridan had a “number of medical and psychiatric problems”, a history of excessive drinking and was prone to depression.


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