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Dutch Group Pioneers Mobile Euthanasia – SPIEGEL ONLINE –

In News on March 22, 2012 at 07:35

Photo Gallery: Mobile Suicide Teams in the Netherlands

Death at Your Door: Dutch Group Pioneers Mobile Euthanasia 

When the Netherlands legalized euthanasia 10 years ago, it was also a victory for Right to Die-NL (NVVE), the organization that de Jong now directs. It calls itself the world’s largest association advocating voluntary euthanasia, and its members promote the right to a self-determined death. What’s more, they have just come one step closer to assuring that this option is available to everyone.

In early March, the NVVE opened the world’s first euthanasia clinic. It’s called the Levenseindekliniek, the “end of life clinic.” It serves as a point of contact for all Dutch people who want to die but don’t have a primary care physician prepared to help them do so. The clinic has mobile euthanasia teams, each of which consists of a doctor and a nurse. When an individual qualifies for the program after passing a screening, one of the teams makes a house call to inject two drugs. One puts the patient into a deep sleep, while the other stops all breathing, leading to death.


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