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This pampered private school elite can only lead to US decline – guardian.co.uk

In News on March 22, 2012 at 15:13

Private schools

God forbid the school experience was in any way, unpleasant,  taxing, scary or boring

“Educators complain that wealthy US parents are increasingly demanding in seeking a massively vibrant, pleasurable and supportive school experience for their kids – one that will get them into Harvard, certainly, but with no negative experiences along the way. Many educators in these schools complain that parents’ – and, increasingly, students’ – attitude to educators is that they are consuming a costly luxury product, and that the teachers work for them; rather than serving as authority figures to the kids, educators at such schools complain that wealthy US parents increasingly expect “service” and “deliverables” from teachers, so won’t brook a poor grade or evaluation, or a difficult experience for their child. This attitude then carries over into colleges that serve wealthy populations. And it does not stop there: the consumerist ethos has trickled down, destructively, into the public school system, too.

“How many times has a kid said to me,’You work for me; I am your employer,'” sighed one such administrator to me, recently. This unbalancing of the power relationship in the parents’ direction has forced private school principals and teachers to cater to parents by increasingly offering an obstacle-free school experience – since that is what parents demand.”


  1. I agree with you statements, and sadly, this type of (mis)behavior is not limited to wealthy private schools in the USA… Sometimes I question myself on what is the real job/task of a teacher… should we cater to the ‘new demand’?
    Thanks very much for sharing this… Kind regards from Recife, Brazil, from http://3rdculturechildren.com

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