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US supreme court and America ready for landmark healthcare battle- guardian.co.uk

In News on March 24, 2012 at 08:33

Opponents of the proposed US healthcare

US supreme court and America ready for landmark healthcare battle

There are a few things both sides agree on in the coming supreme court battle over Barack Obama’s signature healthcare reforms. One of them is that it is likely to prove the most politically significant constitutional decision in years, and the outcome could shape the future of Obama’s presidency.

For some conservatives, at stake is a question of fundamental liberties, characterised at its most extreme as to whether the government can force people to eat their brussel sprouts or go on a diet. For the government, the supreme court hearing beginning on Monday is an opportunity to defend what it regards as the most important piece of social justice legislation of recent times. But if the ruling, expected in June, goes against the president it could prove a severe blow to his campaign for re-election.

The court will hear a challenge by the attorney generals of 26 states and private business interests who argue that the healthcare law violates the constitution and tramples on individual freedoms by requiring almost all Americans to buy health insurance.


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