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Concerns over ‘insanity’ of Shell South Africa fracking plans – CNN.com

In News on March 25, 2012 at 14:26

Big energy companies proposed to start drilling for natural gas in the Karoo in South Africa, using a controversial drilling technique called fracking.

Fracking in the Karoo? What is Shell thinking?

“It is a special place, it is irreplaceable” he told CNN, just outside the town of Sutherland in the Karoo. “My concern is that we would make decisions chasing fossil fuels in this country where this generation is making a decision that is going to affect unborn generations who would not be happy about it, when we should perhaps be pursuing renewable energies or looking at different energy mixes.”

Muna Lakhani from Earthlife Africa warns that water in the area could become contaminated as a result of fracking. “The chances of damaging aquifers is very high and South Africa is a water scarce country,” he told CNN in Cape Town.

“The Karoo happens to be the driest part of our country so to threaten our water supply with a system that uses massive amounts of water that can never be cleaned up, that contains toxic chemicals, seems to be insanity of the first order,” he added.


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