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Better not travel with ‘crystal meth’ bath salts -The Sun |News

In Nonsense on March 26, 2012 at 16:33

Brit’s 2 weeks in South African jail over ‘crystal meth’ bath salts 

A BRITISH man was held in a South African jail for two weeks after police mistook bath salts in his flat for crystal meth.

Peter Parnell, 34, was arrested and locked up in a crowded prison after cops searched his apartment in Cape Town and found 9.5kg of what they thought was the illegal drug.

Tests later revealed the granules — worth £900,000 — were harmless bath additives and the case against Mr Parnell was dropped.

Mr Parnell had been held at notorious Pollsmoor prison, where former South African president Nelson Mandela spent part of his 27-year jail term.

Today his lawyer David Mbzwana said: “Peter has had a very tough time. The whole thing was a complete mess.

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