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France election: Sarkozy vows ban on militant preachers- BBC News –

In News on March 26, 2012 at 10:42

Nicolas Sarkozy

This seems very sensible, if only the UK would do the same thing. There is no room in our society for “places of worship” like the East London Mosque 

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has promised to ban militant Muslim preachers from entering the country. The measure is part of a crackdown following recent attacks by a gunman who claimed to be a member of al-Qaeda.

Mr Sarkozy said he would not allow militant preachers to attend an Islamic conference due to take place in April.

The first round of the presidential election takes place next month, and Mr Sarkozy is neck and neck in the polls with Socialist rival Francois Hollande.As part of a round of media interviews in the run up to the polls, he highlighted a forthcoming conference to be held by the Union of Islamic Organisations in France.

“There are certain people who have been invited to this congress who are not welcome on French soil,” he said.


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