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One in three babies born this year will live to 100 – Telegraph

In Nonsense on March 26, 2012 at 10:04


I’m guessing the retirement age is going to have to go up.

The ONS report, titled “What Are The Chances Of Surviving To Age 100?”, also suggests more people will live to get a card through the post from the Monarch of the day. More than 95,000 people aged 65 in 2012 are expected to celebrate their 100th birthday in 2047.

Researchers found that only 10 per cent of men aged 65 this year and 14 per cent of women the same age would reach this milestone.

According to the latest figures there are 826,000 babies aged under one year in Britain, with 423,000 being male and 403,000 female.

Of these, 135,000 men and 156,000 women, who were born in 2012, are expected to still be alive by the age of 100, the ONS said.


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