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Tetra Pak works on smart milk cartons – FT.com

In Nonsense on March 26, 2012 at 11:52

Smart cartons can tell you about the cow that made your milk 

Makers of packaging are big spenders on research and development: Tetra Pak has patents on 5,500 packets and spends 4 per cent of sales on R&D. That compares with the 2-3 per cent spent by manufacturers of the food and personal care goods in these packages.

Companies are using less material to cut costs, meet sustainability criteria and serve new markets. In the Gulf demand for packaged liquid food has doubled in six years.

“Resources are becoming scarcer and, with costs being higher, it is important to … do more with less,” said Dennis Jönsson, Tetra Pak chief executive.

The privately held group, which on Monday will unveil a 5 per cent rise in turnover to €10.36bn, is working on a chip that can be embedded in packages to provide information – such as how long a carton has been outside the fridge – on a scannable label. Mr Jönsson said cartons using the chips would be on the shelves next year.

Working with Aurora, a Brazilian food co-operative, Tetra Pak has devised a code that, when scanned with a mobile phone, can indicate which cow on which farm produced the milk, and other processing and packaging information.


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