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Weinsteins to release Bully unrated in protest at censors | Film | guardian.co.uk

In News on March 27, 2012 at 17:17

Bully's Alex Libby in a still from the documentary

Weinsteins to release Bully unrated in protest at censors

The Weinstein Company, which Harvey owns with brother Bob, had warned the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) that it was considering the move following censors’ decision to hand Lee Hirsch’s high-profile film an R certificate, meaning children under the age of 17 could not see it unless accompanied by an adult in the US. After censors refused to overturn the decision, which was made on the grounds of several instances of bad language, the Weinsteins issued a statement yesterday announcing the film will be released unrated.

The move means it will be up to individual cinemas in the US to decide whether to show the film. It is seen as a risky step: many chains tend to follow the MPAA guidance to the letter, especially those in more conservative areas. However, the Weinsteins will be hoping that publicity surrounding Bully and controversy over the MPAA decision will change owners’ minds. An online petition launched by teenager Katy Butler to change the prohibitive rating has garnered nearly half a million signatures.


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