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And in Swaziland Today -Councillor strangled in public- Swazi Times

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Councillor strangled in public. –

If you’re banned from the Piggs Peak Club… Don’t Go!

MBABANE – Members of the public at the Pigg’s Peak Club watched in disbelief as two councillor’s fought in full view of the public.

The councillors are Reggie Lukhele, a former Chairman of the Town Board, and Makhosini Coaster Ginindza, one of the longest-serving councillors in the small town.

Councillor Lukhele is also a member of the Pigg’s Peak Club Board of Directors. The fight occurred on Saturday night and members of the public are said to have had a tough time trying to separate the two.

Councillor Ginindza has since opened a case at the Pigg’s Peak Police Station against Councillor Lukhele, after sustaining injuries to his neck. The confrontation is said to have started after Lukhele had ordered that Ginindza be taken out of the club because he was banned by the Board from setting foot there.


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