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Obama’s Problem With Women Voters- NationalJournal.com

In Politics on April 8, 2012 at 09:21

N2K Presidential Race: Obama’s Problem With Women Voters  

Obama will win the women’s vote.. but he needs women to come out in larger numbers to vote.

For all the recent talk about contraception, Planned Parenthood, country club memberships and even caterpillars, President Obama centered his pitch to women Friday on the one thing that may make the biggest difference in their voting decisions this year — the economy. It is why he summoned women to the White House and why he called the gathering the White House Forum on Women and the Economy.

The forum underscored one huge advantage Obama enjoys over Republican Mitt Romney with women. “This is personal,” said the president after movingly talking about his mother, wife, and daughters. In contrast, Romney has struggled to show empathy on women’s issues. His favorite rejoinder, offered earlier this week when he spoke to newspaper publishers, is to cite his wife. “She reports to me” on women’s concerns, he said.

Still, Obama will need more than an “empathy gap” to win back those women who defected in 2010. He will need solid results. And the latest job numbers show that he has a way to go. Women’s unemployment has proven more stubborn than men’s. The unemployment rate for women over age 20 was 7.4 percent in March, little changed from 7.8 percent a year earlier. In contrast, joblessness for men of the same age improved more dramatically, dropping to 7.6 percent from last year’s 8.7 percent.

In a briefing for reporters Friday, Jan Eberly, the assistant Treasury secretary for economic policy, acknowledged that “this is of some concern” because women play such a big role in the economy, according to National Journal’s Catherine Hollander, who attended the briefing. It is of even more concern to the president’s reelection team. Read more


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