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Mitt Romney plays to NRA interests in bid to win over conservative base -guardian.co.uk

In Politics, Really?!? on April 13, 2012 at 17:42

Mitt Romney at NRA

Mitt Romney plays to NRA interests in bid to win over conservative base

I am certain that the vast majority of NRA members vote Republican and that Romney would have their vote anyway.. What is the point of coming out with a nonsensical stance like this? He must have a reason, or know something we don’t. What a nitwit!

When the Second Amendment was passed, it was passed because the United States did not yet have a standing army. They were afraid the British could come back, and a well armed militia was a sensible deterrent. They could themselves, in the absence of an effective taxation regime, not afford to supply their citizens with the guns they would need to defend themselves

The guns at that point ware muzzle loaders… which would take between 30 and 90 seconds to reload. After 1 shot. At that time…. many Americans still lived in areas were there were wild animals that could attack them,  many Americans still needed to hunt for food. Law Enforcement during these times was not really all that organized.  The Founding Fathers would think the lack of Gun Control absurd, Nonsensical and would be embarrassed and offended that it was being done in their name. 

Mitt Romney sought to win over the arch-conservative membership of the National Rifle Association by promising to be the protector of American freedoms and accusing President Obama of launching a stealth attack on the constitutional right to bear arms.

Addressing the NRA’s annual convention in St Louis, Missouri, Romney tried to assuage doubts about his commitment to America’s love affair with the gun by peppering his speech with references to the US constitution and liberal use of the word “freedom”.

He also adopted the NRA’s own language by warning that were Obama granted a second term in the White House he would unleash an assault on gun ownership rights in the US. That is precisely the NRA’s lobbying argument, despite the fact that Obama has steered almost entirely clear of the gun issue in the past three years to the disappointment of gun control advocates.

“In his second term, [Obama] would be unrestrained by the terms of re-election,” Romney said. “Who will stand up for the rights of hunters and sportsmen, and those who act to protect their families? President Obama has not. I will.”


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