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And in Swaziland today….Secret admirer stalks teacher- Swazi Times

In Nonsense on April 18, 2012 at 08:25

Secret admirer stalks teacher.

MANZINI – A female St Christopher’s High School teacher has told the police that she is being stalked by a man who is also trying to blackmail her by demanding money. Khangezile Bhembe said the stalker, who identifies himself as Eugene, said he desperately wants to have sex with her and also wants her to pay him E900 ($110) .She said she did not know the man’s identity and didn’t owe him any money.

Bhembe showed this reporter some text messages in which the man says he is her secret admirer. She says she is having sleepless nights because she now feels like the stalker knows where she lives. Bhembe says this has been going on for about three months.

“Initially, when he started sending the text messages, I took it for granted and thought it was just a person toying with me.

“But when he started sending numerous SMSs, some of which were insultive, I got worried. I called him and said I would report him to the police and expose him in the media. “From that time onwards, he started threatening me and became more vigorous, accusing me of being a promiscuous woman.

“He also said if I proceeded to report the issue to the police, he would publish negative stories about me on Facebook,” Bhembe said.

In one of the messages, the stalker orders her to withdraw the issue from the media and from the police, but Bhembe refused to budge. She said community police in her area have reported that they saw a suspicious man standing near her house. Bhembe said a friend also related how she passed by her place at night and saw a strange man standing at the gate. “I went to the Manzini Police Station to report the matter. However, the police said they would need assistance from Swazi MTN to trace the origin of the number that the stalker is using.”Despite having taken that route, this man is still bothering me as he keeps sending text messages.”

When police call him on his phone, he does not answer. Sometimes it is just switched off,” she said. Bhembe said the man sometimes calls her at midnight to threaten her. The teacher said she was a divorcee.”But my ex-husband is not capable of doing this. The divorce was amicable. Besides, I know my former husband’s voice,” she said.

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