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And in Swaziland today…..King says new jet ‘a gift from Kuwait’ – ArabianBusiness.com

In News, Really?!? on April 29, 2012 at 08:48

King Mswati III of Swaziland is said to be worth a total of $100m. (Getty Images)

Swaziland king says new jet ‘a gift from Kuwait’ 

The nephew of King Mswati III of Swaziland has denied the monarch’s new multimillion dollar luxury private jet was bought with taxpayer funds, insisting it was a gift from Kuwait.

Prince Omari Dlamini said the McDonnell Douglas DC-9 twin-engine aircraft worth ZAR360m (US$46m) was bestowed upon the absolute monarch by friends from the Gulf state, South African media has reported.

“His Majesty did not buy the jet…” Dlamini was quoted as saying. “[It] was a gift from Kuwait.”

Labour movements and banned opposition parties in the poverty-stricken country are furious about the jet, which they believe was paid for with taxpayers’ money.

The aircraft, which arrived in the country on Tuesday, is to be used by the ruler and his 13 wives.

The South Africa-based Swaziland Solidarity Network (SNN) said the timing of the buy was particularly bad, given that Swaziland was in the middle of its worst economic crisis ever.

According to the figures, seven out of every ten of Mswati’s 1.1m citizens are living below the international poverty line of US$1 a day, while Mswati is ranked as the world’s 15th-richest monarch by Forbes.

Mswati is thought to have close ties to countries such as Qatar and Kuwait – rumoured to have provided financial support for a ZAR300m international airport outside the capital.


  1. i hope you have been following on that fake Prince Omari of yours. who i he to speak on behalf of the Swazi nation when he is not a citizen of the Kingdom and not a spokeman nor a member of the Swazi Royal Household. i hope journalist are reading into this con Sangweni boy who happens to have a Dlamini mother who is entertaining his games. this boy is sick and needs emergency intervention. he is denying his father and aunt (the Sangweni’s) reason being he never paid lobola for his mom while they were married. what rubbish is all this? Even the Nhlangini royal house in South Africa is concerned as it has no knowledge of such a relative. this is serious, as for implicating another country to have bought the kings jet is not a joke. basically Mthokozisi Phumelele Sangweni AKA “Prince Omari” is not a nephew of HRH KM3 nor a grand son (he is too old to be one by the way) Mswati’s first born is almost his age except a little younger lol.

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