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Samantha Brick: French women are ‘hostile and predatory’ adulterers – Telegraph

In Nonsense on May 17, 2012 at 02:41

Samantha Brick (left) and France's new First Lady and President Francois Hollande's partner, Valerie Trierweiler

Samantha Brick: French women are ‘hostile and predatory’ adulterers 

Miss Brick, who was publicly ridiculed for her article in April entitled Why women hate me for being beautiful, claimed to have an “insight into the sinister machinations” of the minds of French women.

According to Miss Brick, the ladies of France, who are often celebrated as sophisticated and fashionable, are actually adulterous misogynists.

The columnist for the Daily Mail is married to French native Pascal, and has lived in the country for four years.

In her latest article, she described her experience of French women: “I find them hostile and predatory, ever eager to humiliate their rivals and never batting a beautifully made-up eyelid about falling into bed with someone else’s man.

“To them an adulterous affair is a feather in their cap, or merely another scalp. You see, French women don’t really like other women.”

She used Miss Trierweiler, the partner of the new President Francois Hollande, has an example, under the headline: “Think I’m in love with myself? I’m a shrinking violet next to man-stealing French women”.

“She’d brazenly stolen another woman’s man — the new President Francois Hollande — from under the nose of his unsuspecting partner and, in doing so, set herself a place at the top table of international politics,” she claimed.

Miss Brick went on to describe Miss Trierweiler as failing to give “even a cursory nod to the ‘sisterhood'” for posing in “glamorous attire” next to the outgoing wife of Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni.

In a direct attack on her French female neighbours, she continued by complaining that they were not interested in “girlie shopping trips” or indulging in a cocktail after work.

She said: “I have been reduced to tears on numerous occasions by French women who feel no need to disguise their dislike of me. Examples include greeting my husband (a Frenchman born and bred) but ignoring me, passing ahead of me in the queue at the post office, and ignoring my friendly hello at the school gate.”

Miss Brick also revealed she had been vilified in the French village where she lives after her original article, which prompted a flurry of criticism on Twitter.

Samantha Brick and husband Pascal Rubinat

The piece became an internet phenomenon, becoming the subject of parodies and jokes.

She has spoken of the backlash she has faced in television interviews and subsequent articles, claiming the negative attention was proof of jealousy.


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