A Daily news digest by Jasper van Santen


My husband, Jasper, loves a good debate.  He offers his opinion freely and openly to anyone who will listen on topics ranging from current events to tabloid gossip.  As someone who is more circumspect in my opinions, always careful not to offend, I find myself wincing at times, fearing that Jasper may have crossed a line with some stranger by announcing his opinion so brazenly.  More often than not, the unwitting strangers are relieved to meet someone with whom they can discuss things freely.  My skepticism is met by interesting conversation, invitations to dinner, and a new understanding of how rare these sorts of discussions can be these days.  Never-the-less, I can’t help but tease Jasper from time to time for his uncensored opinions, asking him sarcastically “sooooo, what do you really think?”

Despite my wincing and teasing, I admire Jasper for this quality immensely.  In the mornings I see Jasper’s hands clicking furiously around his laptop as he reviews countless online newspapers.  I often wonder which articles reads.  He always seems to filter through the overwhelming surplus of media, and zero in on the most relevant and interesting articles.  In dinner conversations, cab rides, chance encounters, I am constantly amazed at the range of topics Jasper can pull out of his hat.  Whether it is a Senegalese cab driver or a New York executive he always seems to make a genuine and relevant connection.   So, I put together this blog for Jasper.  Thinly veiled as a Valentines Day gift, it is really for me.  A daily news digest, and a window into the topics that interest and amuse my husband. (The real gift for Jasper will be when dinner conversations shift from my architecture and design obsessions to chats about current events.)

For our friends who, like me, would love a good round-up of the daily news; and for others who, like Jasper, would love to hear an uncensored, un-self-conscious, interesting and fun discussion about current events ( post your comments with disregard)…hope you enjoy it too!


  1. Marina, you are so right about this. I sometimes really really wonder where Jasper found the news that he sometimes posts on Facebook. And then I laugh because most of the times the articles or remarks he makes are hilarious. Hope to follow more!

  2. Bravo Marina and Jasper! So glad to see this website become a reality. It’s long overdue. Now the world can benefit from Jasper’s insights and perspective.

  3. Marina, You are very loving and very clever. What a gift to your husband……and to us!

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